My story and introduction to Bio Oil started last September. As many of my followers know I had breast surgery, a reduction to be precise. The surgery went well; the pain was minimal, however the scaring, well that was a different story. I felt like the bride of Frankenstein when the dressing came off!!

I had been given a cream by the surgeon however it was a tiny tube and very costly so once I finished the tube I decided to ask around what others had used. Bio Oil was recommended again and again. So Bio Oil it is and first off loved the price mark, it was so much less costly than what I’d been using. I always thought of Bio Oil for pregnancy, stretch marks so never really knew much about it. I decided to read up and on it and found it to be ingredient friendly, so much so you could probably pour it on your salad!

I would say within 3 months I noticed a difference not only with the scars but with the dryness and itching. I cannot speak for old scars at this time, however the new scaring is clearing up nicely and I am super pleased to report my breasts are looking so much better I can hardly believe the transformation “ in more ways than one!” Bio Oil is now part of my daily routine, not only for after surgery treatment of scars, but also for my every day skin care.