sharleneSQHave you ever wanted to break up with one part of your body? I have. My right elbow and I have been at odds for years. I’ve battled with dry skin on my elbow – not just any dry skin – the scaley, dark, crackly skin that you’d think belonged to an alligator or crocodile. In comes Bio-Oil as the next product I’ve been lucky enough to test. We’ve all seen the commercials; I even used it in the past with one of my many pregnancies for stretch marks, so I was eager to have another go at it – this time to battle my elbow skin.

Bio-Oil is a light orange coloured, fresh-scented oil that is fast absorbing. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturized with a bit of a sheen that isn’t greasy or messy. Once it’s rubbed into your skin, you don’t see any trace of oil, only skin that’s no longer dry. Now my elbow is a work in progress so I’m still continuing to use Bio-Oil every day. I’ve noticed that there is an improvement in the feel of my dry skin, and I don’t need to use more than a few drops after a shower or any time of day to keep it feeling moisturized.

My 13 year old daughter was pretty excited to use Bio-Oil on her face. Going through adolescence can be tough on skin, and being prone to dark marks after the slightest blemish doesn’t help. She used the Bio-Oil on her face wherever there were marks and the next day noticed the marks weren’t as intensely pigmented. She said ‘it makes your skin glowy and smooth, not oily, works overnight, and has a nice smell’. It moisturized the skin on the top of her forehead and diminished dark spots and acne scars on her chin and cheeks.

Bio-Oil is helping reunite my family with the skin we used to have by fighting dryness, stretch marks, and scars.