Stage 3

Day 1

So once breakfast is over slip on an over sized shirt underwear and get started,

Explain that he is a big boy/girl now and it’s time to wear underwear.
Continue to take your child to the bathroom with you and tell him what you are doing. You must devote yourself 100%  at this time no interruptions no long phone calls.

Log your day

1)The first couple of days your child will need frequent reminders-try to contain training to one room with 1 potty encourage to sit on potty every 15 minutes for about 5-10 min.

2) Once your child has used the potty with success, he may now cont to use it often –some do, some may only pee every few hours – but do not push it too hard if he does not want to go. This is his call not yours!

3) Once your child has used the potty you can extend the time longer to the next reminder. If  your child has lots of accidents, don’t worry remember today is the first day and some have no idea how to get from A to B.

Not sure what’s expected at this time. Don’t stress as your stress will show and make your child anxious too. It is common for a few accidents to happen.

REMEMBER it’s not how many pees they have on day 1, but how many times there were able to sit on the potty for short spells, if your child does pee then that’s an extra bonus and you should give lots and lots of praise!


Always treat the little puddles with grace and patience, never reprimand or show disappointment








Day 2


You may see a pattern from the log you kept on day 1, for example the time a pee was taken; use this as a guide line for day 2

Obviously the aim on day two is that less and fewer reminders are needed. As the day progresses you should go from reminding your child to sit on the potty, to asking him if he needs to use it. It is important for his physical and mental awareness.



Accidents are more likely to happen while play is in progress or maybe watching a little TV. Often a small child become so engrossed with something they forget to feel for that little signal that is taking place.
Do not get despondent; as long as your child is eager to use the potty, training at this time is still worth trying. Don’t chuck in the towel too early. By the end of day-three you should feel like you’re getting somewhere, maybe not the results you want. But you should see some little changes.


Day 3

By day three, you should start to see a pattern emerging on how often your child needs the potty and when.
Look back on your log you have two days to look over and help you see when he did pee or when he had an accident.

Do not be tempted to put him back in pull-ups at this time. Day 3-4  is worth seeing thorough as this is often the time you will see a little breakthrough day 3-4


Consistency is the utmost importance, dress in underwear all the time now and no going back to pull-ups. Pull ups or a diaper can be used for nap- & bedtime only.