Once your toddler leaves the toddler years, discipline and guidance can take on a whole new meaning, and you may need a whole new parenting plan!

What worked for your  then 2-3 year old, may no longer work for your now 4-5 year old!

Around 4 years old of age, your child is no longer considered a toddler.
He has left the toddler years behind and is now on the path to knowing right from wrong.  However he still needs guidance, discipline & sometimes a firmer approach.

Children of this age can become quite bossy, and sassy.
Once you allow that one sassy time to slide by, or you chose to overlook that one time he gets sassy, you have stepped off the parenting platform.

Here are some tips on how to curb your little sassy pants!

Discussions about the family rules are critical to good communication and to cooperation down the road. Your aim is to have him follow the ground rules
the first time and without question.

The first rule is, “I’ll explain something once and I’m not going to talk more after that.

  • If you try to argue, I’m going to walk away
  • If you follow me or if you continue there will be consequences.

You set limits on backtalk and you don’t give it power. You do not have to enter into every argument or whining discussion your child invites you too!
Have your say and walk away, now you take the power with you.
It is important to remember if you respond, you’re giving your child strength, your passing the power to him! Walk away.

Discipline tips in the jar!

You need two jars and a bag of marbles from the dollar store.
One Jar is filled with marbles, let’s say 7 one for each day of the week.
Each marble is worth whatever you chose; it could be a trip the dollar store or a minimum of 3 needed for pizza night! One jar has a sad face one a happy face with marbles. Each time your child does not remember the house rules, he loses a marble and into the jar with the sad face it goes.

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