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It’s hard to believe that seven months have flown by since I had my son.  You’d think that looking after myself would be top priority.  But in typical mom-style, I’m always putting everyone’s needs first – from organizing school lunches, to drop-offs – it’s no surprise that from time-to-time I feel run down, especially with five kids.

My blood iron has always been on the low side, and finding ways to boost my energy naturally has always been a challenge.  Now for Mothers Healing Mix is a quick and tasty way for me to supplement my diet postpartum.

The bag is full of ingredients I love:  nuts, raisins and oats to name a few and has a slight buttery flavour that’s easy to scoop and mix into to my favourite yogurt for an afternoon treat, with 8% iron per serving, it’s easy to build up my energy reserves.  The grains are ground in a fine powder that makes it smooth to swallow – I’m not a fan of porridge type products so that’s a plus for me!

My son is back on his late night schedule of staying up while I need my sleep because he’s teething now.  So during the day I’m feeling tired and by 3 pm I’m feeling hungry.  Now for Mothers Healing Mix is my go to healthy snack supplement to stay focused and full for the remainder of the day.