I began using Now for Mothers Healing Mix when my son was only about a month old.  Breastfeeding, lack of sleep, and recovering from labour definitely meant I needed to be mindful about what I was eating at a time when preparing nutritious food is extra difficult. The taste of the Healing Mix is quite pleasant and nutty. I appreciate that it contains a healthy dose of good fats and organic ingredients, which I think are so crucial for one’s health. I used the Healing Mix as a topping on plain cow or goat’s milk yogurt for breakfast or a snack. I definitely appreciated the fact that I could easily have something healthy and delicious to eat with minimal effort, and I do feel it helped to keep my energy up.

In my opinion, it would be beneficial if this product could eliminate the sugar and the wheat flour from its ingredients, as I find that they are not necessary for the product and not beneficial for anyone’s health. It would also be nice if the texture worked a little better as a hot cereal preparation.

Overall, I did like the product, and would consider using it again – though of course less sugar would be fantastic