images sassy kidSassy Pants Parenting Series Part Two

Children use tones, words, and roll their eyes, but where did they see that? Children are not born sassy, they learn to be sassy. Do you ever roll your eyes at your partner in front of your children, or perhaps answer each back in a sarcastic manner, it’s time to start paying attention your own actions in front of your children as children mimic what they see!

It is quite possible that your children got their attitude from watching TV. From reality TV shows, lyrics that play on the radio and the movies they watch. It may come from a song on the radio; it may sound like a fun song to sing to on your way to school, but have you REALLY listened to the words? Your child is influenced by everyday things he sees and hears.

Rule One Emergency Attitude Control (not for the faint hearted or soft mama’s approach)

Be clear with your expectations; get ready to dish out consequences and enforce it. Do not talk back to a sassy child who is speaking in a rude manner that is excepting their tone!

Calmly state “do not speak to me in that tone” and leave the room. Your child needs to know their attitude will not be tolerated. Demand and expect your children to speak to you with respect at all times.

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