asI am really pleased with my receiving and stroller blankets from Lulu bedding. Having a new baby I do have a lot of blankets to choose from but these have quickly become some of my favourites.

The stroller blanket is so soft and well made and is perfect for this time of year when the weather fluctuates so often. I also have to say the presentation of these blankets when they arrived was wonderful.

They came with a handmade note detailing the best way to care for them and since I have followed those directions the blankets have held up perfectly. The colours and patterns are lovely and really suit my personal style.  I am also really pleased when I can support a locally made product that boasts such high quality and has that personal touch. I think these are a great gift option for a jnew Mommy as they are just so pretty.  I love finding gifts that are not only useful but special and unique as well. I definitely approve!