headshot2As a mom with a new baby you end up with a whole lot of blankets! When I received these blankets from Lulu Bedding Design in the mail I was ready to add them to the growing pile without a second thought.

I was sent three different blankets: one larger one, and a pack of two smaller receiving blankets.

What I really liked about the blankets was their bright colours.  They’re beautiful and in highly contrasting patterns, which makes them just perfect for tummy time on the floor.

The fabric, while it’s super soft and cozy, wasn’t ideal for swaddling.  Being made of non-stretchy material, I couldn’t get it to stay wrapped, and it was a little bit warm for the season.

If you need some sweet blankets for covering the stroller, or even as burp cloths you really can’t go wrong with these.  I’m happy to say I approveJ