1As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.

When I was pregnant with baby #5, I decided not to have a baby shower despite not having had an infant in the house since 2010.  I figured – been there, done that – I don’t need anything, I’ve done this plenty of times, I’ve got the baby gear list down pat in my head and I’ll pick up what I need when the time comes.

A week prior to delivery, I thought “I can make one last trip to the local baby store, and grab last minute items” and of course luck would have it that I went into labour early.  With no receiving blankets! Had I known about Lulu Bedding & Design, their sheets would have been at the top of my wishlist.

Lulu Bedding & Design doesn’t make your run-of-the mill receiving blankets.  These brightly coloured, thick cotton flannel sheets that are so soft to the touch, your baby will love them!  I wish I had these when he was a newborn to swaddle in – nonetheless they are big enough that even at seven months he can still be wrapped up nice and snug and be fully covered and warm when he’s not turning over and trying to crawl away that is!

My son loves the bright happy colours, the eye-catching chevron pattern made him squeal with delight.  These blankets make playing with his favourite matching coloured toy or peek-a-boo even more fun.

As for the Lulu Bedding & Design stroller blanket, I’m loving the neutral colours and houndstooth pattern that will go with the latest trendy modes of baby transportation.

It’s the best of both worlds – a generous sized flannel blanket on one side and cream-coloured chenille on the other – both of which baby loves to touch! I’m looking forward to walking him in the evening with this one when it’s not as hot because blanket is super cozy and warm.  It’s just the right combination to make him drift away and sleep.