It is easy to lose control, it creeps up on you little by little and suddenly you see a disrespectful defiant child! Your once loving baby is now all grown up giving you so much crap your head is spinning.

How did it get to this you may ask yourself? Did it start that one time you were too tired to reprimand a sassy tone, or was it that one time you were so busy you let it slide as you were just too tired to deal with it?

It is never too late to step it up and take control, however sooner rather than later is a must. Start with setting some ground rules and sticking to them. Reinforce consequences and make the consequences age appropriate

The toddler years are over and so it is time out! You need to think and create consequences suitable to the age of your child.

For example:

4-6 years No TV- No sleep overs- No park- No late night on Saturday night.

6-8 years tidy up the mud room for 3 days- no computer for 2 days- no playdates

Write a list of suitable consequences one by one. Cut them up and put them in  a consequence jar. This way you will always have them on hand when you need them. You can also ask your child their consequence from the jar after it has been read out put it back in the jar for another time.



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