headshotWhen I first laid eyes on the Strauss Water Bar at The Baby Time show I was very impressed.
They had the brightest and most colorful booth there.  Many Strauss Water Bar colour choices were on display and they looked sharp.

Once the Strauss Water Bar arrived in my not so big kitchen, I realized that it was larger than I had anticipated as I have a limited amount of counter top space. I chose the teal color which is my accent color and it looked very impressive, and not at all out of place among my other kitchen appliances.
Numerous people who came by  commented on how nice it looked, and how fresh the water tasted, fresh tasting water is something we struggle with here in Newmarket, as the water often tastes terrible.
What I loved about testing the Strauss Water Bar the most is that it had me drinking more water than usual. The water filter keeps all the minerals in the water, removes bacteria with the built in infra-red light and removes that horrible chlorine taste, the water just tasted so much better.
In my house we are one coffee drinker, one tea drinker, so having instant hot water was a plus for us, especially on the days that I have to be on the 404 at 7:00 AM I was often forced to leave with no tea as it just too time consuming to boil a kettle.

Overall I would recommend the Strauss Water Bar, if you’re a mother with children, a sports person, or your life style is go go go this is for you. Instant cold or hot water that tastes fresh and is available without plastic bottles is a no brainer!