Having the Strauss WaterBar at home has been a real treat.  Having access to filtered cold water without having to refill a pitcher over and over again was great!  One of my favourite features of this filter is the hot water setting, which dispenses water at boiling temperature, a perfect feature for a tea drinker like me.   Although the hot water was readily available and ready to dispense most of the time, sometimes you had to wait some time for it to boil, but it takes about the same time it would to run a tea kettle.  However, this is supposed to be more energy efficient than a tea kettle anyway, so you still win, despite having to wait a little for the hot water.  Otherwise, when the dispenser had enough hot water ready to go, it was great!

Esthetically speaking, this is a good looking filtering system that could add some interest to a countertop.  However, if you have a small space like I do, this system is quite space consuming.  This was about the only negative feature about the WaterBar that I experienced.

This filter is quite impressive because you are able to set it up to the exact temperature that you wish and also the dispensing volume that you want.  It also has a sleep mode so you know you’re saving energy whenever you’re not using it.  The water tastes great and the system is very easy to use.

Additionally, the technician that the company sends to do the installation was so helpful and knowledgeable.  He was very efficient in installing the filter and answered all my questions in addition to showing me how to use it.

Overall, I would recommend this water filter because it keeps all the good minerals in the water, removes bacteria and chlorine and the water tastes great.  The ease with which you have unlimited cold and hot water saves you time, money and reduces waste and energy.