When I received my Strauss T6 Water Bar my first reaction was, ” Wow, it’s so big!” Looking online I was surprised to see they call is ‘Small and Stylish.’ While the look is pretty modern, I would not agree with the small statement. I do not have a huge kitchen or an abundance of counter space so having something take up so much room can make my mealtime prep a tad more difficult. I do like the design and look of the system, and for someone with a more modern designed kitchen it would go great with the decor. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your color scheme, which for me is a plus when choosing to have one.

The company calls to set up an installation time and date and the appointment is pretty quick. It took about 20 minutes to complete and they walked me through a quick tutorial. The bar is pretty straight forward and not difficult to use. It is hooked up to your main water water supply (kitchen sink for us) and runs both hot and cold water, as well as a mix for warm. This can be very convenient for a mom making bottles and not having to wait for the boil water or worry about the temperature. With the push of a button I could fill my little ladies water bottles and cups. For a mom who is on the go and constantly busy I really found the Strauss Water Bar to make like easier and convenient. It also had me drinking more water on a daily basis because it was always there to remind me.

I should mention the first one we received the water tasted off, almost metallic tasting. I gave the company a call and they had technicians at my house within a couple days to replace it. The customer service is great and the people are very  friendly- in this day and age I find it refreshing for the consumer. Once we had it replaced the water was great tasting and we have been drinking it for about a month. More pro’s are that 99% of bacteria is removed and the  water quality is protected by UV lamp purification  There is a triple purification process and all chlorine is removed from the water when used, which is great for anyone worrying about their drinking water.

I will admit I will be sad to see it go as I will miss the convenience and ease of having it. The price point I think is a little high at about $35/month to rent and about $1200 to purchase. You also need to replace the filter about every 6 months but as a customer they will send these right to your door. For someone who purchases a lot of water bottles this can be an environmentally friendly solution. As I mentioned it does take up some significant real estate on my kitchen counter so I would not at this time consider purchasing it, but I would approve this product as it’s pro’s outweigh the cons.