I don’t know about you, but my morning “twilight zone” is right before the kids have to leave for school and when I have to get myself ready for the day.  As luck would have it, on delivery day for the Strauss WaterBar, six nice looking uniformed men in a van (one of whom I’m convinced could have been Drake) came to install it in my kitchen an hour earlier than expected during that “zone” with me in my morning mom uniform of sweats and a baggy sweater, hair a hot mess and no makeup. Yikes! I wanted to lock the door and hide, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Here’s why:

I’m going to preface this review with one statement.  I want this water bar.  Period.  I’m not easily impressed with kitchen appliances and gadgets but the Strauss WaterBar literally revolutionized my life since arriving in my house.  My previous routine was as follows:  Rinse out kettle, fill up my kettle with tap water, press kettle “on” button, see light on kettle button turn itself off (water unboiled). Get frustrated when I realize the kettle stopped boiling. Rotate kettle, to make light come on, hold kettle while it boils.  Fill up four thermoses.  Refill kettle. Repeat.  Fill up pot, wait until boiling, then cook macaroni.   Thirty painfully long minutes later, lunch was ready to go. Not anymore! With the Strauss WaterBar, one press of a button – either “Hot” or “Extra Hot” and I have boiling water ready to cook food or make coffee, tea in an instant.  If the Strauss WaterBar is on sleep/standby mode, the longest time I’ve ever had to wait for hot fresh water to be ready is about 3 minutes.

Using the Strauss WaterBar is so simple. It’s super quiet and has an easy to read display on the front panel – on the left is the red back lit “hot” button, and the right is blue back lit “cold” button – just like a normal tap – but better – no left or right knobs to turn, no dripping in the sink, no washers to change.  Even better is the “extra hot” button, “mix” button and “cup” button.  My little kids can grab their own water using the “cup” button without overflowing or making a spill – one press and it fills without you even having to hold it down – no more forgetting to turn the tap off.  For my peace of mind, there’s a child lock function that I can use to make sure my kids don’t burn themselves with hot or extra hot water – such a smart design feature!

What I love about the Strauss WaterBar the most is that my family is drinking more water.  My former juiceaholic kids actually say it tastes good and tastes fresher than the tap water.  When we make a bottle for baby we don’t have to worry because we can mix formula with the triple-filtered UV purified water that’s been boiled and cooled. On Mother’s day back on May 10, I used the Strauss WaterBar to fill my vase of flowers with fresh water.  My flowers are still alive, 17 days later.  I can just imagine what it’s doing for us! I’ve enjoyed not having to use a slow, hot and heavy malfunctioning kettle, or lugging heavy cases of water bottles from the cart to the store to the car and inside, or chasing kids to load recycle bins with their empty plastic water bottles on recycle day. My family loves it – and I love that I don’t have to fight with my kids to drink anything other than juice and that my morning routine has become less stressful, thanks to Strauss WaterBar.

Definitely approved!