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Whether you are looking for a unique blanket for your newborn to snuggle with or a crib blanket to dress up the nursery, lulu bedding & design has what you are looking for. We can even customize by taking a crib blanket that you love and turning it into a full baby bedding set. Everything is made specifically for you and not massed produced.

Their fabrics are of high quality cotton, flannels and chenille’s. Their fabric designs are unique and not found at mass retailers, giving you that special feeling of having a one of a kind blanket. Each product has a limited quantity and is continuously changing. So if you see that special item, whether it is for yourself or as a gift for that special little one, do not hesitate to grab it before it is gone.

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Danielle Hodges

LuLu Bedding Review by Danielle Hodges

As a mom with a new baby you end up with a whole lot of blankets! When I received these blankets from Lulu Bedding Design in the mail I was ready to add them to the growing pile without a second thought. I was sent three different blankets: one larger ...
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Ashleigh Scott

LuLu Bedding Review by Ashleigh Scott

I am really pleased with my receiving and stroller blankets from Lulu bedding. Having a new baby I do have a lot of blankets to choose from but these have quickly become some of my favourites. The stroller blanket is so soft and well made and is perfect for this ...
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Michelle Jobin

LuLu Bedding Review By Michelle Jobin

I’m a big fan of Lulu Bedding receiving blankets and stroller blankets. The colours, pattens, and fabrics are all fantastic. I love that their designs are more on-trend than a lot of baby products are, which is refreshing. The fabrics are super-soft and good quality, especially for the beautiful stroller ...
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LuLu Bedding Review by Sharlene Henry

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. When I was pregnant with baby #5, I decided not to have a baby shower despite not having had an infant in the house since 2010.  I figured – been there, done that - I don’t need anything, I’ve done this plenty of ...
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Aida Martinez

LuLu Bedding Review by Dr. Aida Martinez Chorro

The Mini/Stroller blanket was thoroughly enjoyed by my family! I have a 3 month old baby and with the chilly May days we’ve been having in Toronto, it’s been nice having a nice blanket for the stroller. The weather is not cold enough for his stroller bundler, so this blanket ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

LuLu Bedding Review by Madeleine Alaouze

I received my Lulu Bedding package about a month ago and oh how happy was I to receive it! I received a stroller blanket and two receiving blankets. After having two girls I could call myself a sort of blanket connoisseur. I knew right away they were that of high ...
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