Organizing Garden Toys:

There is nothing quite as magical as seeing your child playing in the water or chasing a ball or a butterfly in the grass. It’s so freeing. There are no carpets or walls to worry about, no one to complain about the  shrills of laughter and tears – just the glorious sun beaming down on you. I live downtown in Toronto and  I have quite a few friends with young children who also live in the city, and don’t have a garage for storage, or a garden to play in.  Whether you go to the local park to play with your children outdoors or have a back garden, the organization of outdoor playthings can easily become problematic and high maintenance. The reason for this is three-­‐fold:

  1. If it’s been outdoors it most likely is dirty. And if it is dirty then putting it away involves an extra step of cleaning/dusting
  2. If you have to travel with the toys (either from the garage to the back garden, or from your home to the local park) then how you get it from point A to point B can be awkward and time
  1. A lot of outdoor toys are large and finding accessible and appropriate place to store them when not is use can be a challenge.

Here are some tips for managing the storage of outdoor toys:

  1. Use lightweight storage containers that are safe if they are Watch out for sharp edges and hardware, dangerous hinges, splintery wood and tall pieces that might topple over. Fabric bins and thin plastic containers are great choices.
  2. Storage containers  that  are  water  resistant  and  can  drain/air  properly.  Pop-­‐up laundry  bags  are  great,  as  the  water/sand  can  be  shook  out  of  them.  What  I sometimes  suggest  if  you  have  to  transport  the  toys  in  a  car  or  trolley  is  to  put the  mesh  bag  with  the  toys  in  a  clear  plastic  bag  while  it  is  being  transported. This  way  the  water/sand  doesn’t  leak.
  3. Bins with These are great as they are mobile. You can wheel them around outside and indoors. Mesh is great as the water and dried dirt/sand can drain out.
  4. Label, label, label. Don’t rely on your memory when putting them away for the
  5. Toy vehicles can be stored outside under a tarp that has been “cut-­‐to-­‐size” and Velcro straps attached so that it fits snugly. You can also make a mini garage/shelter in the garden.

picPhoto by: Thad Zajdowicz



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