Natural and Healthy Summertime Essentials:

By Dr. Aida Martinez Chorro, ND

Summertime is finally here with its excitement, fun activities and colourful energy come a few bumps and scrapes and hungry kids.  I’ve dedicated this post to sharing my summer essentials for healthy snacks and must-have products.

  • Dapis gel by Boiron: this is a great product for any type of insect bite. It has a cooling effect in addition to helping bring down the redness, itchiness and swelling of bites.  You can apply it liberally over any type of insect bite on any family member.
  • Badger sunscreen: Badger has a great variety of sunscreens for the whole family and all lifestyles: water resistant, baby, unscented, face, tinted and anti-bug sunscreens. They are non-toxic and made with natural, gentle and safe ingredients and you’re bound to find one that meets your needs.
  • In addition to a sunscreen, I also recommend that you make drinks that are high in antioxidants so that your body is armoured for many types of damage including sunburns. Although there is no standardized guidelines regarding drinks as sunscreens, it is just a good idea for general health, so why not include them in your diet, especially in the summertime. My New Roots is a blog that has a very good “sunscreen drink”.  It is delicious, easy to make and an excellent source of antioxidants:
  • Calendula gel or cream: I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s just such a must-have for any family, especially families with young children, that I thought I’d mentioned it again. This dainty little flower has healing properties that are good for cuts, burns and scrapes. Apply liberally as needed.  It is safe for everyone in the family.
  • Aloe gel: this cooling and soothing plant is great for the summer because you can apply it over sunburned skin. You can buy the product or keep an aloe plant at home and just cut out the sap from a leaf.
  • Arnica gel: use this great product on bruises, bumps and sore muscles as long as your skin is not open.  Applying on open skin can lead to irritation.
  • Swim diapers: public swimming facilities require that babies wear swim diapers in order to prevent accidents in the pool.  Regular diapers swell up in the pool, and will not retain any urine or feces once in the pool, so it’s best not to use these.  Instead, you should purchase special ones for swimming such as Applecheeks Swim Diapers.

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Aida Martinez Chorro is a naturopathic doctor and homeopath who loves working with children and their families. She uses safe and natural interventions to help children with autism, digestive conditions, as well as working with those who want to be proactive about their aging brain and who have family histories of dementia. But what she’s really passionate about is giving families the results they want to see and helping them lead happier lives together.

She practices at the North Toronto Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Centre in the Yonge and Lawrence neighbourhood. You can find out more information by calling 647-887-8117, by visiting, or on Facebook at  Natural Health Solutions by Aida Martinez Chorro, Naturopathic doctor.