AA013134_XSHere are some tips on teaching your pre- schooler how to clean their bum prior to starting JK. We are not shy here at Nanny Robina’s Facebook we know its messy, it’s an unwelcomed job, but hey it’s your child and you gotta to do it!

Seriously, of all the things to teach your pre JK over the summer – this comes high on list. For those of you that do not know, JK teachers are encouraged not to attend to your child in the bathroom unless it’s absolutely necessary. I THINK most JK teachers will step in if needed, BUT it’s your job to make sure they are not needed.

Start to teach your pre JK student how to wipe their bum clean, and wash their hands well. If around 2PM your child says his bum is itching, well clearly more practice is needed!


Many children when wiping tend to take their arm from the outside of their leg to wipe, when actually it is much easier to wipe by approaching the bum as the guidelines below.

1) Have your toddler boy or girl stand with legs apart.
2) Now guide their hand between the legs, not around the side of them
3) Boys wipe how they want, but from front to back is always better.
4) Girls teach to wipe from the front to the back only.

Mamas you won’t be there for a second wipe come September, nor will you be there to teach the importance of washing hands. There is always one outbreak of foot in mouth in the school year! Let’s try to prevent this by teaching proper toilet RULES, Yes make it a rule, washing hands the proper way. Be prepared, a sore bum and some itching is almost inevitable in the early JK days, get the bum cream ready and a warm bath right after JK and your all set!