1I’ve had the opportunity to use the Didymos Puffballs Didyslingsling in several different scenarios over the past month and have found it to be very comfortable for both myself and my baby and very easy to use. Whether traveling, or just performing day to day tasks, the Didymos Puffballs Didysling is amazing!

The Didymos Puffballs Didysling is great for travelling! It was easy to pack in a carry on when travelling and I was able to quickly transition my daughter from her stroller to the sling with ease of movement. The slings comfort allows me to be close to my daughter and interact with her with such ease and comfort.

I would definitely recommend this item to mothers everywhere as we all know things can get quite hectic at times but with this particular sling, Mothers are able to get so much done a lot quicker and easier leaving more time to spend with our little ones. I absolutely love it!