Aida MartinezI love my Didymos Fireworks Didysling!  I was looking for a lightweight product that was easy to use.  This Didymos Fireworks Didysling is great because it is just that: lightweight and not bulky at all like the carrier and wrap that I currently have.

With the hot weather, this sling is great to quickly put my babe in it and carry him around the house without us getting sweaty the way we do with the other products we use.  It provides us with such a convenient way to carry my babe hands free around the house for me to do chores; no tying, no folding, no wrapping long pieces of cloth, and no fidgeting around with straps and buckles.  All you have to do is place the sling around you, place your baby in it and pull on the tail of the sling.  It carries my baby beautifully on the side and front, my favourite being the side carry because your have are even more free to do things with both hand

I love that my sling is made of organic cotton and very breathable. They have a wide variety of patterns to meet everyone’s style.

Another aspect that I’m very impressed by is the quality of service provided by Birdie’s Room, which is the distributor of these slings.  Their rep Cindy is an expert in baby wearing and offered me a great amount of help and was readily available to help me troubleshoot when I was having some issues with improving my technique.

For those people who are looking for a convenient way to carry their baby with a lightweight option, especially for the summer, this sling is for you!