Madeleine AlaouzeLearning I was going to be testing the Didymos Aqua Waves Wrap from Birdies Room got me excited. I have tried almost every baby-wearing product out there and I have yet to really find one I am most comfortable wearing.

I find a lot of the baby-wearing products out there can be confusing, uncomfortable, as well as not very user-friendly and when you wear your baby these are the last things you want on your mind.

What I loved about the Didymos Aqua Waves Wrap is that it came with very detailed instructions on the different ways to wear your baby as well as the steps that walk you through it.  I had no idea that there were so many different ways to wear your baby! Our favorite way is the cross carry or the wrap cross carry but as I said there are many other options to wear your baby, toddler or even 3 year old-mastering them can be the difficult part.

I was lucky enough to get a lesson from Cindy, a Birdie’s Room and baby wear expert, on how to properly wear my baby and even my 3 year old! If your anything like me, I usually forget was I was taught five minutes after it happens; when she was there showing me I was able to do it but when I got home and did it on my own I was finding it a bit challenging. I got out the instructional DVD and booklet the wrap came with and five minutes later I was wearing and walking around with my one year old while also being able to tend to my 3 year old.

One thing in particular I keep in my mind as I am wearing my toddler are the T.I.C.K.S., which stand for, Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off of the chest, and Supported back. These are the rules of safe baby wearing and should be reviewed and remembered when wearing your little one.

The Didymos Aqua Waves Wrap comes in several different fabrics, colors and patterns. All of which are beautiful and high quality. The textiles include organic cotton, hemp, linen, and wool. I chose a linen blend fabric in a beautiful blue oceanic pattern. The material is lightweight and it doesn’t overheat my daughter or myself while wearing it during the hot summer days. The fabric is strong and I never felt uncomfortable or that my child is unsafe in the wrap.

After using it several times the baby wearing has become a regular thing at our house and out on the go. It’s easier for the days my little one is super clingy from teething or being tired and is a great solution for when she is struggling to sit in her stroller or in a shopping cart. The wraps can be used from birth to toddler years and I would definitely recommend this for a new mom, second time mom, third time mom…any mom could benefit from the Didymos wrap from Birdies Room.  The price is a bit high but you are paying for quality, safety and the customer service. If you are ever having issues with your carries or wrap Birdies Room gets you in touch with the experts to help you. You can order the wrap you love from their website. I would definitely approve this product!