1Before trying the Didymos wrap, I had experience using another carrier though wanted to try something new so I was excited to try out this product.  I am a working mom and when I come home, my baby girl who is just over a year wants me to hold her for hours.  So when I was asked to test this product, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

So to begin this process Cindy who works as a consultant with birdies room came over to my house to show me how to safely use the wrap and to pick out one that would best suit my situation.  There are different sizes so it is really important to know how long you want your wrap.    I choose the Didymos Indio Mystic (hemp blend) in a size 6 (not too long though long enough to be able to try different carry positions) .  The wrap is made of Organic Cotton along with Hemp which makes it have more structure than other fabrics.  I was first attracted to the colour of the wrap which is dark purple/dark blue, and the dark blue only comes out when the sun hits it.  Gorgeous!!  The second reason for choosing this wrap was that I have a heavier child and the hemp gives the wrap more structure.  One thing I did not know was every wrap needs to be broken in before it can be used. (This can be done through washing, steaming and even sitting on it) though the hemp blend ones take longer to be broken in.  Before Hemp wraps are broken in they are very stiff, though become very soft and workable in the end.  The wrap that I am testing was already broken in so I was able to skip that step and I could start using it right away.  Some examples of where I would us my Didymos are; walks with the dog, bonding after coming home from work and the mall.  Even though it was of medium weight I never found it to be too warm to use and my child never was sweating in it.  With regards to back and shoulder soreness, if I had it wrapped correctly I found that there was little to no strain on my back and shoulders.   I also found that my daughter looked more comfortable in the Didymos wrap then she did in my previous carrier.

Now let’s talk about how we wrap baby…  So there are no straps or buckles like I was used to.  This truly is the oldest form of baby carrying, and it really amazed me that by doing some wraps, tucks and ties baby was attached.  The first wrap that is recommended for beginners is the double cross carry.  This is shown in the first two pictures.  There is a bit of a learning curve using a wrap so you will require lots of practice and at the beginning it might take you a few minutes though once you get the hang of it, it will take you seconds.  After I finally felt more comfortable with the double cross carry I decided to try the Robin hip carry.  I found that my daughter seemed a little more comfortable in this position as she could look around more than the front carry.  (This can be seen in my third picture.)  With the Didymos there are so many different positions that you can do and variations of different positions.  It really depends on what you are comfortable with.  Another popular carry is the back carry.  In the testing time period I did not feel comfortable enough to try this position though I look forward to trying it in the future

With regards to support, I quickly learned there is a huge community of babywearers.  There are Utube instructional videos, facebook groups like Halton-Peel Babywearers (which has 1146 members), and Playdate groups that birdies room holds. If this is something you want to try then, you are not alone.  I suggest a good starting point is looking on “birdies rooms” website, there is a lot of information on Didymos wraps and choosing the best one for you.

Overall, I feel this is a great product and something I would have never considered trying.   I would recommend the Didymos to other moms and dads because of the following; they use organic material, wash well, are super soft, so many different carry options and there are a ton colours and textures to choose from.   Honestly I wanted more than one after trying this one out.  It is like shoes, you need more than one to go with different outfits.  The Didymos wraps were more expensive than I originally thought, Ranging from 100-300 dollars, though if you think of the quality product you are getting and the flexibility it has for all baby stages then I feel that it is worth the investment.   In the end I encourage you to try this one out, join a baby wearing community, meet other moms and turn this into a fun hobby.