I recently used the Didymos Lisca Pastell Wrap for my 16 month old daughter and what a great product.

I’ve tried several baby carriers in the past, but had a hard time finding the right one – fumbling with the buckles and snaps, I always ended up returning them. I enjoyed using this product, I found it easy and quick to wrap my toddler in, and I felt confident that she was well secured.

Let me start off with the wrap itself. There were so many different fabric types to choose from. Some options were linens, cottons, mixed blends, breathable cooler fabrics and warmer fabrics.  I enjoyed having these different options to choose from. I went with a cotton fabric which I recommend for first time users, this fabric was so easy to maneuver and tie into place. The colours and patterns of these fabrics are beautiful, so many to choose from, they make a nice accessory for mom as well 🙂 My selection was a neutral fabric colour, something that would blend in with all my outfits!

Another convenient feature I enjoyed were the various lengths of fabrics to choose from. Depending on your body size, you can select a fabric size that will give you enough length and material to work with, almost making it customizable to suite you the best.

One of the most important features about this product was how well supported I felt my toddler was. The wrapping styles provide a ‘U’ shape under baby’s bottom, supporting almost like a chair – the baby gets to rest its thighs and bottom on the fabric. This was a huge bonus compared to other products I’ve tried on the market where usually the support just in the groin area which I’m assuming would be quite uncomfortable for the little ones.

I took this product with me along on holiday and it was great because I ended up using it for multi purposes from a wrap to a nursing cover and a blanket! Only downfall I experience was the fabric I found was quite bulky to carry around and added quite a bit of weight to my bag. Would be nice if it was lighter and folded up more compact.

All things considered I recommend this product for moms and approve!