Made of beautiful woven fabric using only high quality original cotton (also with hemps, linen, wool, silk and more) Perfectly supports baby in an ergonomically correct position. Fully adjustable with many tying options to suit every need. Ethically manufactured in Germany with 3 year warranty.

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Ashleigh Scott

Didymos Review By Ashleigh Scott

Having a newborn that doesn’t like to be put down can be completely overwhelming especially when I have an older child that I need to look after as well. Thankfully I was introduced to the Didymos Puffballs Didysling and it has been an invaluable tool in allowing me to keep ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

Didymos Review By Madeleine Alaouze

Learning I was going to be testing the Didymos Aqua Waves Wrap from Birdies Room got me excited. I have tried almost every baby-wearing product out there and I have yet to really find one I am most comfortable wearing. I find a lot of the baby-wearing products out there ...
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Didymos Review By Anastasia Ricupero

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Didymos Puffballs Didyslingsling in several different scenarios over the past month and have found it to be very comfortable for both myself and my baby and very easy to use. Whether traveling, or just performing day to day tasks, the Didymos Puffballs Didysling is ...
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Didymos Review By Sameera Rustam

I recently used the Didymos Lisca Pastell Wrap for my 16 month old daughter and what a great product. I've tried several baby carriers in the past, but had a hard time finding the right one - fumbling with the buckles and snaps, I always ended up returning them. I ...
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Aida Martinez

Didymos Review By Dr. Aida Martinez Chorro

I love my Didymos Fireworks Didysling!  I was looking for a lightweight product that was easy to use.  This Didymos Fireworks Didysling is great because it is just that: lightweight and not bulky at all like the carrier and wrap that I currently have. With the hot weather, this sling is great ...
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Melissa Bajwa headshot

Didymos Review by Melissa Bajwa

Before trying the Didymos wrap, I had experience using another carrier though wanted to try something new so I was excited to try out this product.  I am a working mom and when I come home, my baby girl who is just over a year wants me to hold her ...
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