healthy_foodWith interest in local foods growing, you might be wondering how to get the most from your farmers market this season.  Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you save money, find the best foods and make good relationships with your growers!

Go Early! The best stuff usually goes fast. A vendor may only have a single flat of amazing blueberries or a couple of pounds of fresh peas, so get to the market early to make sure you get the best pick of high-demand fruits and vegetables.

…Or Go Late… But Not Too Late. Farmers may discount their produce toward the end of the day if they don’t want to take unsold produce to the farm. If your budget is tight, going a little later in the day may yield the best deals. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t expect this kind of discount, or ask for it; rather, be aware that it is a practice that some merchants may use.

Bring Your Own Bags & Baskets.  Plus, there’s just something special about a basket brimming with bright green lettuce, dark red cherries, orange apricots and other lovely fruits and vegetables.

Bring a Cooler. Good markets offer considerably more than fruits and vegetables. You may find meats, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt, and ready-to-eat items that require refrigeration. By bringing a cooler, you can keep fresh foods that need to be kept cool cold and go back to spend more time at the market. Also, by bringing your own bags, you reduce waste at the market and at home!

Buy the Ugly Stuff. You can reduce your costs even further by purchasing “ugly” fruits and vegetables. The flavor is the same as those perfect specimens, and sometimes cases of not-so-pretty produce can be discounted.

Get to Know What’s in Season.  Part of the pleasure of shopping at your local market is developing an appreciation of fresh, local foods at the height of their natural season. If you’re unsure when your favourite fruit or vegetable will be in season, talk to the farmers or visit the farmer’s market information booth!

Celebrate your market and your local farmers-buy fresh, buy local and buy in season this year!


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