Aida MartinezI have only great things to say about Acorn & Leaf bandana bibs!  I was very excited to receive them in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to get them the day before our vacation.  Although the packaging has nothing to do with the usefulness of the bibs, I feel it is worth to mention that the packaging they came in was so cute and special.  It is quite evident that much care and detail go into what this company does.

Now onto the bibs: they are definitely quality pieces!  I love all of the designs, particularly the ones Aspen has been sporting, “Antlers”, “Quill” and “Arrows”.  The material used is very absorbent, which is a must for a drooly baby.  I also appreciate that don’t use velcro, which gets worn out and makes the bib fall off frequently.  While we were on holidays visiting family, everyone commented on how cute and fashionable Aspen’s bibs were.  I love how versatile and easy to pair the patterns are as they go with almost all of Aspen’s outfits without being overpowering like other bibs are.  He looks absolutely adorable in all of his bibs and I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants their baby’s drool and meals to be caught in a fashionably adorable bib.