Stimulating babyStimulating baby can take a little creative thinking, and patience

However, infant stimulation is very important to help your baby and all infants grow. Stimulation helps stimulate an infant’s brain, their smell, and visual stimulation is something your baby needs. Be sure to have your baby spend time with you and others to help them feel safe.

Don’t put them in front of the TV for long periods of time. I have seen firsthand all too well how this can delay their milestones and the use of other fine motor skills.

A baby will learn so much being around other people and get visual stimulation as well as their other senses. A baby will learn much more if they hear sounds and if they see a variety of different things around them. Help them use all their senses and be stimulated by the smell, sounds and visual stimulation. Be sure that your baby or infant is doing a variety of different types of activity. Give them something to rattle and shake or if they are too young, help them shake a rattle. Let them hear the sound of the rattle and see it in action.

Talk to your baby often. The more that they hear words, the sooner they will pick up on how to use their voice and how to talk. Talking to your baby stimulates them. Talk to them often, yes I know it’s one sided!! Read to your baby as a daily routine. Babies love to be read to and love hearing the sound of your voice.