Toy ruleDoes your child’s bedroom look like a Toys R Us explosion?

Are you fed up of the constant toys and often junk that hit you whenever you walk into the house? Maybe what you need is toy rule! Yep let’s make some ground rules after all the holiday season is just around the corner and your about to get buried under even more toys!

At any given time your child should have only 15-20 toys to play with. If they buy a new one or given a new one as a present, they must be encouraged to choose an old one to take to the charity shop or hand down to another child.

Every year today children get more toys than they can appreciate or play with. Put your thinking cap on, and think on how you could turn this around for this holiday season. Oh no you don’t have to, as I have done the thinking for you!! Read on:

Unique gift ideas Versus another TOY!

If money is tight for you, have Grandma Pay for camp next year in lieu of a Christmas gift. It could still be a holiday gift, all you needs to do is cut out an image of the camp related activity and create a gift card.

Consider sponsoring another child, kind of adopt a little brother or sister from overseas and teach the meaning of “giving back” early in life. You won’t believe how much it can help your child grow with empathy. It also teaches them about the less privileged as they grow up in a very privileged country.
This is a long term commitment just think of the rewards, besides the great education on another country in which you could research and read about together about.

Do you know of anyone in your church that can’t afford a Christmas tree? Why not buy one and secretly deliver it to them, complete with ornaments!! Even better, buy an artificial tree your gift will last for years.

Perhaps there is a local family who has children and is struggling to buy their own children holiday gifts. Give them something to look forward to on Christmas morning, Toys, books, clothing, games – buy them the same things your own children would enjoy. In fact, have your children help you with shopping for another child or family in need.

Remember the holiday season is NOT ABOUT TOYS but about giving to others.

Happy Holidays