Aida MartinezWith the chilly weather creeping on us, this cozy cocoon comes in quite handy.

Petit Coulou car seat covers come in great colours and styles that it was hard to choose one, but I ended up choosing the classic, unisex black.  I’m very impressed by the excellent quality in which these are crafted.  They hold their great, round shape well and most importantly, they create a very warm cocoon around your baby in his/her car seat.    Another great feature of this product is that it was very easy to adapt into the car seat, an advantage over other products that make it quite daunting when you look at all the holes and straps on them.

If you’re looking for a great car seat cover that will keep your baby warm while looking good, the Petit Coulou is for you.  Also, I think this would make a great baby shower gift for anyone having a baby in the next few months.  It would make a very good looking, cute and utilitarian gift that’s bound to keep mom and baby happy and to think of you when they use it.