Danielle HodgesI was sent three different towels from TaLii Towels: The Bath Sheet (which is a big, huge, fabulous towel); the TaLii Pet Towel (a smaller version for drying off those soggy Canines); and the TaLii Sport Towel (an even smaller version for putting around your shoulders at the gym or to wrap your hair for the ladies or long-locked men).

I can’t tell you how much my husband and I are loving these towels! Our current towel collection has grown haphazardly over the years into a franken-collection of ratty, weirdly-coloured rags.  They take up way too much room and they take forever to dry after a shower.  We’re now considering just tossing them all in the garbage and just buying a whole bunch of these TaLii Towels instead.

They dry quickly, and as my husband says, “You barely have to touch your skin and all the water is absorbed”.  The part I loved best about them is how awesome they are for drying my hair.  It’s super light so I can leave it wrapped in my hair for a long time and it’s not bulky or uncomfortable.  Plus it really absorbs the water from my hair, which prevents me from having to rub it dry and damage or break it.

This is one of those products that you just can’t say enough about…I would go out and try it as soon as you can!