Lori BarkerOh My TaLii Towels!!  When first looking at TaLii Towels, I loved the variety of colours that were offered and I love their versatility.

I am astounded by their ability to absorb so much for such a thin towel. They take up such little space in the washer and dryer that you could wash all your towels with a load of clothes. With traditional towels, this would not be possible. I also could not believe how warm they can make your body if you wish to use them as a blanket.

When exercising, the TaLii Towel is a must! It is compact enough to easily carry around in your gym bag, not heavy to lug around when it gets saturated with sweat, and I have never used a towel that soaks up the sweat as well as these towels. I found I did not need to use the towel as often as a traditional towel because it soaked up the sweat to the point that my face was almost dry, therefore I needed to use it less. It is quick to dry, so you don’t have to place a smelly, wet towel in your gym bag on the way home either. The TaLii Towel is also much more fashionable than any other towel and comes in lots of fun colours.

Deceivingly robust, these towels have become a must-have in our household.