Lori BarkerMoms have great memories, but can’t always remember all of the details.  My Kid Says the Darndest Things serves as a written time stamp of all of the things we wish, as moms, we could remember, but can’t. 

The cover of the book is colourful and inviting, which instantly caught my 5 year old daughter’s eye. We haven’t had the book long enough to record a lot of memories and funny moments, but the ones we have recorded will now always be remembered.

The attached bookmark makes it easy to turn to the page where you left off. There is space provided for the date and age of the child, which is a great feature, as I found myself so excited to write down my 2 year old and 5 year old’s hilarious comments that I likely would have neglected to put dates or ages in.

As a mom of three, it’s nice to finally see something that can be used for multiple children. I found the book very easy to use but would have liked to have a little more guidance on how to use the journal.

I found there wasn’t enough space to write down anything substantial, but you can record short funny moments, comments or actions that are said or done by your kids and be able to look back on these as the years fly by!

Overall, I think this book is a very simple and cute way to keep track of some of those beautiful moments that you want to remember and cherish forever