Aida MartinezJust For You Decals has such a great selection of wall art that it was hard to choose one. 

We finally ended up choosing the Cherry Blossom Wall Decal and applied it to the wall in our living room and it feels like it has added a special touch to our space with its delicate and pretty presence.

The stickers were fairly easy to apply to the wall and it comes in a few pieces so that you can give it your own touch of design if you’d like.  Otherwise, you could just follow the image and follow its design, which is what I did.  The fact that it comes in a few different pieces might be an issue for people who would prefer the practicality of just having one big piece to stick to the wall, but this was not an issue for me.

I appreciate this product quite a bit because it’s an inexpensive way to add some art to your space without committing because it comes off the wall very easily.  I give this product two thumbs up!