Should you decide that co-sleeping is no longer for you, the transition to a crib can be quite stressful for both mommy and baby if  it’s not conducted in the correct manner.

Often when co-sleeping I find many mamas breast feed their baby’s to sleep, you may wish to eliminate this prior to transferring.

Start the changes one stage at a time; too many changes too fast can cause anxiety to your baby.

Start by eliminating your baby sleeping on the breast if this is something you wish to change.
Do your feeding, napping, and schedule so feeding is on waking – and not on sleeping.

For example: wake and nurse
8.30am nap wake and nurse

Once feeding on waking is under control the following steps below will help with a smooth transition.

Top up with breast milk but don’t allow baby to fall asleep on the breast. Unhook while drowsy then
place your baby on your bed.

He will fuss up a storm! Baby’s don’t like change and this may be unavoidable, however just pick up your fussing baby soothe to calm, rock, and place back down again in your bed, at this time we only want to eliminate the sleeping on breast prior to the transferring him into his crib.

I would suggest you then allow a little time for baby to settle into the new changes before you make the next change.

Transferring to the crib will be easier if the crib is in your room to start.

Start by rocking, soothing and putting baby down for just naps in his crib for 3-4 days and then for bedtime. Once again allow your baby to settle for a few days into this new sleep pattern and then move the crib into the baby’s room.
Make sure the room is dark, and of cool over too warm for sleeping.

Tip: You may wish to rock baby to sleep in order to put him in his crib asleep, at a later time you would be advised to rock less and less and place baby down awake in order for him to learn to settle with little interaction or help from you.