Danielle HodgesWhen I became a mom I started having pangs of guilt about all the plastic stuff in the baby product world. The irony of it is too much: I’m providing for my child by ruining the world he’s growing up in.

That’s why I feel so relieved when I find products that I don’t have to worry about. The fact that these are biodegradable is such a load off my conscience and they’re super cute.

I received the small 120 ml Infant feeding bottle for my 10 1/2 month old daughter which is great. It’s small enough for my diaper bag but also big enough to hold formula and water for her. Loved it.

The next item I received was the Frog Toddler set. This was by far my favourite. Johnny my 22 month old loves how the cup has handles because he’s determined to drink from a real cup right now…score! Also, the fact that the bowl can be covered with a kid that snaps shut and the lid turns into a plate? Genius!!!!

The wipes that Giraffe Baby sent were great. I find that “bad” wipes don’t have enough actual moisture, which is a recipe for disaster with toddler diaper changes! My son gets diaper rash often and he didn’t complain about these wipes stinging or hurting at all. I’d buy them again.