Stephanie ClairmontAs a mom of an 11 month-old, I’m concerned about what toxins we are bringing into our home from cleaners to beauty products to toys. I pay special attention to the containers and dishes we serve and store our food in. We mostly serve my little one Deakon in small glass dishes we hold or on a silicon placemat and all his food is stored in glassware. I was really excited about the Giraffe Baby products which are made from organic corn starch, are biodegradable, BPA-free and made in Canada! It’s not only tough to find a good organic, non-toxic food serving dish in Canada, but to support a Canadian company is even better.

My little one never really took a bottle (he preferred mommy) and struggled for a long time with a sippy cup, but I thought I’d give this bottle a try. The Infant Feeding Bottle is natural, BPA free and corn-based and comes in 4 oz. And 8 oz sizes. When I was looking for bottles for Deakon, I really couldn’t find anything available besides glass that was more natural. The price is high, but comparable to the glass and stainless steel bottle alternatives. Although my babe didn’t take this one, I will definitely try this bottle when we get to baby number two!

Overall, we really enjoyed the Frog Toddler Dining Set. My son loved the little cup with handles (although he’s learning and spilling loads), the plate and the bowl. They are a perfect size to serve a snack or meal in.

The whole dining set is adorable and stacks together to make a frog! We will continue to use the dishes and I’m sure when he stops throwing things (one day), it will become easier to serve him in.

I really enjoyed the Baby Giraffe Wipes. If you’ve tried to find a more natural wipe, one you know they are difficult to find and two you know they are often a disappointment; they are often flimsy, rip easily and just don’t do the job well. A quality wipe is something you need to trust for all those messes! These organic wipes were great. They were tough enough for diaper changes and soft enough for messy hands and face. I would recommend.