Aida MartinezBottle:  This is such a cute bottle!  I love that you can open it from both ends, that way, the bottom can be cleaned easily.  All of the parts are easy to assemble, although I found the cap to be a little difficult to take off to open the bottle.  Despite this, one of the main reasons why everyone should get these bottles is that they are made from a non-toxic, ecologically friendly material.  It is very reassuring that someone has decided to use non-toxic materials to make bottles for babies and are exceeding Canada safety standards as well.

Frog Toddle Dining Set:  Another great, cute product by Giraffe Baby!  this is a complete dining set for your toddler that comes in the shape of a frog.   It was great to see my baby’s hand grab both the spoon and fork with such ease.  Needless to say, I love and appreciate that this product is also made with environmentally friendly corn-based materials.  Even more exciting is that it is 100% biodegradable, which makes it a winning product in my eyes!

Baby wipes: these are my favorite product!  They biodegrade in 30 days and are made of the corn-based ingredient making it an eco-friendly ingredient.  I noticed that they are quite sturdy and didn’t rip when using, even when rubbing briskly.  They are not bleached and I appreciate all the gentle and natural ingredients and that they are not fragranced.  I love this product and would recommend it to all moms for their babies!