Aida MartinezUpon entering the Sleep Country in my neighbourhood, I was greeted promptly by the friendly worker and asked if I needed help.  I told her that I was there for a pillow fitting and she asked me a few questions about my likes and sleep position and brought out a few pillows that would suit my needs as a person who sleeps on her side. 

They have pillows specifically for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and a mix of positions as well.  Another smart practice that they implement when pillow fitting someone is placing the person on a bed that closely matches their own bed at home, that way, the fitting should be more proficient and successful.

Thankfully, I was also able to  try the pillow without a plastic wrapping so that I was able to truly feel and experience those pillows.  The worker was very patient, knowledgable and engaging, which made for a great experience and I walked away with a great pillow!

Now that I’ve been using my pillow for about 1 month, I can see how a pillow fitting with an expert makes a difference in what you take home.  You have no surprises and you can also avoid issues such as back or neck pain from an ill-fitting pillow.  I love my new pillow because it’s not just serving its purpose for sleeping at night but it’s also great for breastfeeding my babe and it’s overall, a great fluffy pillow that I’m enjoying everyday!