Chloe MaxwellAs I am a University student, I do not have an extensive budget for special face and body cleansers, or other body oils that are rejuvenating for my skin; but that is why Lipidol was so great. Each bottle is so affordable and lasts for such a long time, as a little bit goes a long way.

Having sensitive skin made me somewhat hesitant to use this new product, and honestly I expected to break out, but was gladly surprised when I did not. The overall smell was stronger than the present products I use, but I like it more and more every time I use it.

Cleansing Face Oil

I would not have thought to use an oil as a face cleanser, but I’ve noticed an improvement on my face. The face cleanser made my face feel clean without drying it out, like many cleansers do, and instead rehydrated my face.

Cleansing Body Oil

I was also skeptical about how this “oil” was going to wash my face and body, but was amazed when I saw it become sudsy when combined with a little bit of water. I felt so refreshed after using the cleansing body oil, and loved how little I needed to use to wash my whole body.

Overnight Face Oil

As I am not used to putting anything on my face when I go to sleep, putting on the overnight face oil was foreign to me. It was great, and I noticed my face feeling rehydrated and refreshed in the morning.

After Shower Oil

When I was not shaving and using the after-shave oil, I would use the after shower oil and noticed the same kinds of improvements. My body felt rehydrated, as I was able to trap moisture into my skin.

Each product surprised me in its effectiveness and longevity. As for myself and students alike, the price is definitely favourable and worth it. Over all, I approve and recommend each of these products for others to try them out!