Aida MartinezFrom the makers of the famous Bio-Oil, Lipidol comes as a set of various oils for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. 

For those of you who love oils or are curious to try them, this product is a cost-effective way to get started.  Oils are preferred by some people because they don’t strip your skin’s natural oils while cleansing. 

The Cleansing Face Oil does a great job at removing face and eye makeup and as a bonus, it removes waterproof makeup as well.  Although the package says that it is lightly scented with essential oils, it is pretty much unscented, which for me is a good thing. 

The Cleansing Body Oil was really nice too. 

The After Shower Oil did a fairly good job at moisturizing my skin after my showers and again, I really appreciate that it is essentially fragrance-free even though the package says that it is fragranced with essential oils.  

The Overnight Face Oil has a lovely scent, especially for those who like scents in their products. The texture is very light, so it doesn’t feel greasy at all and felt very good for moisturizing my face after cleansing it at night. I think these oils are great, versatile, and have an excellent price point.