Jennifer ViherjokEver since I received the Lipidol product line to try out, I had only one thought – I wish I had it sooner.

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and my skin feels like it has been stretched to its limit. Using the products for the past few weeks has made my skin feel soft, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

The Cleansing Body Oil and the After Shower Oil are the two products that I can’t stop using. The Body Oil lathers up in the shower, goes on smoothly, and washes away without leaving a slimy feeling. The After Shower Oil goes on just as smooth, and even though it doesn’t wash away, it doesn’t feel like I have a residue on my skin. This is a welcome feeling when getting dressed because I don’t have to worry about the oil leaving a film on my clothes.  

I am also looking forward to using these products after the baby is born to help with the healing process and returning my skin to its normal shape. Overall, I am truly satisfied with this product line and will be continuing to use it on my skin after the baby is born.