Lori BarkerWhen I first received my Lipidol products, the first thing I noticed was the variety of colours and that the unique smells of each oil were very pleasant.

There is a wide variety of products making Lipidol a full skin care line. Not to mention the products are extremely cost effective! I knew the Bio-Oil brand from using it during my 3 pregnancies and loved it. I felt confident that I could trust this skin care line to live up to the Bio-Oil brand I already knew and loved.

The first product I tried was the face cleanser. I was slightly skeptical as I like to have some lather and I did not believe that I would be able to achieve this with an oil on my face. I was unsure about how mixing an oil with water would clean my face. I was worried that with my combination skin it may make me break out with blemishes. However, upon using the product I discovered there is a decent lather, my skin has stayed blemish free after 6 weeks of use, and the cleanser makes your face feel clean and moisturized with no oily residue at all. With each product that I tried, I loved the products more and more. A very minimal amount of the products is required, which made the cost of the product even more appealing.

We went on vacation and these products were definitely coming with me on the airplane. Not even thinking, I packed them in my carry-on bag. The bottles are compact enough that they met the airline requirements and they were permitted to stay in my carry-on baggage. A perk I had never even thought of!

From the packaging, to the aroma, down to the usefulness of these products, I have made these products part of my daily routine. My skin feels smooth, fresh and youthful at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands I’ve used in the past.