Madeleine AlaouzeI have always been diligent about my skin care regime. I tend to have very sensitive and reactive skin and, like most people, my skin tends to become drier in the winter.

When I learned I would be receiving a line of skin care products by the well-known brand of Bio-Oil, I was looking forward to giving it a try. I already use a specific line but am finding that it is not quite cutting it for me during the colder days. I need something to bring some more moisture to my skin and Lipidol makes this promise.

When I received the products I noticed the packaging first; simple, clean, nothing fancy. I like that the bottles are clear and you can see through the packaging. If you’re like me, when you begin to reach the end of a product I cut the package in half to see how much is really left and scrape out the remainder with an orange stick. With these bottles you can see exactly how much is left and when it’s time to restock. The products are oil based and have the same feel and consistency. They do not really have any strong fragrant smells, which is actually something I do enjoy when I am using products. 

Cleansing Face Oil – This product is interesting to use. You apply to a dry face and when you add water it emulsifies and forms a cleanser that washes off easily. I tested it on a full face of makeup. It did remove most of my makeup, but I felt like I needed to wash it a second time to really make sure it was all gone. My face feels clean and fresh after use of the face oil and I approve this product.

Overnight Face Oil– I have noticed a difference in the moisture level of my skin this last month. When I wake up my skin doesn’t feel tight or as dry as usual. I approve this product.

Cleansing Body Oil– This has sort of the same feel as the face oil although applied to wet skin. I will say that I prefer a body wash with more lather. This could be due to the fact I have been using the same body wash for a number of years. If you are someone whose body skin tends to be on the drier side I would recommend this all year round, the moisture could do a body good during the winter and summer. I approve this product.

After Shower Oil– Who doesn’t moisturize after the shower? I know I can’t get dressed until I do! I actually tend to get itchy if I don’t moisturize immediately after. I actually love using this product after the shower! It really helps my skin bounce back after a hot shower (which Lipidol states contributes to dry skin!) It’s a bit oily going on but it seems to dissipate as it soaks in. I approve this product.

After Shave Oil- I tend to feel scaly after I shave my legs and so this product really helped with that.  I skipped the After Shower Oil when I shaved and used this product instead, even on my underarms! My significant other tried it as well after he shaved and had no complaints. I even caught him using it as a moisturizer without shaving. Mom and dad approve this product.

The one thing that I truly love about these products are the prices. Each one costs about $9.00 and when you’re a family of four, budget is everything. The cost of these products are on point and will most definitely not break the bank, which for me is usually the deciding factor as to whether or not I will buy again. So head on over to Walmart, where Lipidol is carried and give it a try!  I approve all the products!