Ashleigh ScottI recently had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Lisa at Bayview Sheppard RMT

Let me start by saying that although I love a massage and used to get them frequently prior to having kids, lately it’s been a luxury I sadly can’t find the time for. However after giving birth to my second child a few short months ago my body has had no shortage of aches and pains and I felt it was time to make the time to get pampered. Within moments of arriving at the clinic I felt at ease. The staff was very welcoming and the space was clean and organized. After filling out the standard paperwork detailing my previous and current health I was introduced to Lisa my therapist. I immediately felt at ease with Lisa as she took a few moments to listen to my concerns and we swapped stories about our kids. I really appreciated that she was a mom and understood the physical strain put on your body by carrying around a baby all day. She instantly assessed my problem areas and worked within my pain tolerance to relieve my tension and stress.

Afterwards I felt the most relaxed I had in months and was really grateful for her efforts. I was also very impressed that she gifted me with a large container of epsom salts to add to a bath to help with any discomfort I might encounter the following day. All in all it was a very thorough and effective massage and I look forward to my next appointment and I would highly recommend Lisa and the staff at Bayview Sheppard RMT.