Ashleigh ScottAs any mom can confirm the pain of teething is a horrible experience for both baby and parent. It starts long before any teeth actually appear, and carries on long after both parties have lost their sanity.

I have been in this phase since my little one was about 4 months old, so any item that can offer relief is greatly appreciated.

There are numerous options on the market for your baby during this difficult time but I really think the Munch Mitt is so unique and offers a lot of features that separate it from the pack.

The concept makes perfect sense to me because babies always have their hands in their mouths, why not provide them with relief right at the source with a mitt they can actually wear? The velcro strap ensures a great fit and prevents your little one from tossing it to the floor like everything other toy.

The bright colours and graphic pattern, as well as a fun crinkly lining, add an extra layer of interest to keep babies attention. I think this mitt is an essential teething tool for baby and parent and is perfect for younger babies who have a tougher time holding on to traditional teething toys. I am always excited when I find a product that can make life easier for friends of mine that are new to the parenting game and I know this will be a go to gift in the future.