Danielle HodgesI was sent two different sizes of the Munch Mitt.  One was for 3-8 months and the other (called Munch Mitt Mini for little teeny tots and preemies) was for 3-6 months.  

Unfortunately my daughter is just a touch too old! She’s almost a year in April. Gosh time flies.

The story doesn’t end there though.  Funny enough, my aunt gave me the Munch Mitt as a gift when my daughter was just a few months old! We loved it. My issue with a lot of teething toys is that the baby has to have enough dexterity to actually hold it herself while she chews.  Not happening.  The Munch Mitt is secured around the wrist with a velcro strap so she can’t get it off! Babies naturally want to put their hands in their mouths and when they discover the delightfully chewy silicon it’s a match made in heaven.  

I’ll be giving the two small mitts to my brother who has just had twins. I’m sure he’ll get as much use out of it as we did!