Harmony LegereWe are in love with our new MUNCH MITT ! My five month old daughter has not yet had any teeth break through but is still experiencing a great deal of teething symptoms.

We have tried many other teething toys but have not found one that can keep her attention, until now.

The Munch Mitt is made of high quality and soft textured materials and my daughter has enjoyed both munching it as well as rubbing the textured mitt over her gums to massage them. T

he Munch Mitt is great for all teething aged babies as the Velcro strap allows the Munch Mitt to be used as your baby grows. One of my favourite features is the velcro strap that keeps the Munch Mitt on my baby’s hand and prevents her from throwing it on the ground.

The Munch Mitt is very sanitary as it is machine washable and comes in a little white pouch that allows for sanitary transportation. The crinkly material in the Munch Mitt provides sensory stimulation and assists in the development of fine motor skills.

This product is great during the winter months as it prevented her from chewing on her hands and prevented chapping. I would recommend this product to any mom with teething babies, and is now my new go-to baby shower gift.