Sabrina SorochanI am a new mom of a 3.5 month old beautiful baby girl, Mary. Like most new moms, a million questions have gone through my mind, am I doing this right, what do I do if this happens, how do I stop her from doing that, etc.  It feels like a never ending game of 20 questions. 

When Mary turned 3 months she started gnawing on her fists pretty aggressively. I was worried about how I would wean her of this habit. I wondered if it would cause a skin irritation? When those teeth started coming in would it cause an unintended injury!?! 

This habit seemed to help soothe her, so in an attempt to replace one habit with another (which I felt I could easily wean her from) I tried to get her to take a pacifier several times, with no such luck.

When I met Nanny Robina, she introduced me to the Munch Mitt and asked if I would like to test this product. I jumped at the opportunity because I was very curious if this would be the solution to my baby gnawing her precious little hands. 

I was so excited when I received the Munch Mitt; I immediately tore open the package and inspected it. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the quality of this product, it is very well crafted with bright vibrant colours and one side of the mitt has a texture to it which helps with sensory development…a product that has multiple functions, how can you not love it! 

Within seconds of Mary wearing this mitt she naturally gravitated her hand to her mouth and started chomping away, incredible!! I will admit there was a brief period of time when I thought I was defeated; Mary appeared to show less interest in the mitt and was opting to suck on her other hand, but the creators of Munch Mitt thought of everything! This mitt is interchangeable!  Once I switched sides, viola! Problem solved, the munching continued! Other features about this product I love is that it is machine washable (it even comes with its own garment bag!) and very durable. I never had any issues with Mary pulling the mitt off; there is a Velcro strap so you can easily tighten to your baby’s wrist size. 

Although Mary is in the pre-teething stage, I can totally see how this product will help sooth sore gums when those sharp little teeth start to come through.  I have a peace of mind knowing this product is safe because it is made with food grade silicone. Overall, I am thrilled my baby has no more cold, gummy hands. Thank you Munch Mitt for solving this problem for me, one less question to be answered!!

Mom and baby Mary APPROVED!