Ashleigh ScottThe Petit Coulou car seat cover is a definite must have for Canadian Winters, and it will make life with a new baby much easier to handle in our sub-zero temperatures.

What I like most about it is the unique design that is more of a cocoon shape, this allows baby to move more freely in the seat and removes the need for a snowsuit or heavy blankets. It’s also much safer than the car seat cover systems that put fabric between your baby and the harness, which has been proven to be a safety risk. Let’s face it it’s tough enough getting kids dressed for colder days without having to worry about your newborn freezing in minus 20 weather, this cover helps to reduce the stress that comes along with the wind and snow.

The installation of this cover couldn’t be easier, and I love that the zipper extends all the way down the cover so if you want to open it up in a restaurant or store to give your little one more space you don’t have to remove the entire cover. Lastly, I adore the look of these covers! The patterns range from a classic black and white to a more whimsical teddy bear or ladybug pattern. They make a statement and are so much more fun than other options on the market. I think these would make a great gift for someone expecting a baby in the winter, as it would be ideal for newborns. My 5-month-old one has never really been a fan of her bucket seat and keeping her comfortable in there has been a chore, now that I don’t have to worry about loading her up in blankets or covering her completely I think the winter months will be much easier to deal with. I approve of the Petit Coulou!